Subject: Again on Christmas Markets
Hi all,

Just returned from 5 days in Naples area (Italy). It has been the first time for me in Naples during Christmas season so that I have had the chance to visit the well know San Gregorio Armeno Christmas Market.

San Gregorio Armeno is a narrow street in down town of Naples (it is close Spaccanapoli). In and around this street there are many craftsman who are working all the year making statues for Nativity scenes. It is a very coloured Christmas market and so different from German and Austrians one (in San Gregorio Armeno market they sold only Nativity scenes and Christmas trees materials).

I bought two 15 cm high statue for only (about) 10$ each! Moreover, craftsman's imagination is so great: they make statues that looks like actors (i.e. Roberto Benigni), politicians and others (i.e. for Italian Ziners: Toto', Edoardo De Filippo, Bossi,...).

It is definitely worth visiting this CM if you are in Naples area in this season!

Have a nice Christmas, Marco in Milan (Italy).