Subject: Re: City hostel/Vondelpark

I stayed at that hostel this summer I think.. Isn't it YHA across the street from Vondelpark? For a youth hostel, it's very modern and clean. I stayed at whopping 20 people co-ed room (it was in extremely crowded August and I didn't have a reservation, so i was lucky just to get a bed). a friend who already had a reservation beforehand, however, got a male-only 3 bedded room, and i believe you can reserve on-line. I believe my bed was 33 guilders. you will receive a key-card for the front door and your room, they have a coin-operated locker on the ground floor (very modern, they will let you pick your own access code and with that you can access your locker for 24 hours without being charged extra) and similar safe for variables. breakfast is included, and they have a bar/restaurant attached, and there is a bathroom/shower attached to each room. they also have an internet connection on the ground floor.

the place was popular among young crowds when I got there.. as a matter of fact, when i went to bed at 10 pm, none of my other 19 roommates for the day was in the room.. they were all out partying. since Amsterdam has plenty of places to party, the hostel itself wasn't terribly rowdy. I found it quite comfortable actually.

the location is very close to the national museum and van gogh museum. Of the youthhostels I stayed, it was one of the most modern places and I would recommand it.

I hope all this helps. have a wonderful trip, Barbara!!