Subject: Re: Re: Vancouver and Victoria (Was: Back from the Yucatán)
Dear Elaine,

Elaine Wickham wrote: I am interested in

> going to Vancouver and Victoria in the Spring. I have never been there
> before. Can you or anyone who either lives in these two cities tell me how
> to plan this trip.

I don't live in either of these cities, but I have had a wonderful trip to Vancouver. We had a car in Vancouver, and if we hadn't, I'm not sure how we would have gotten from place to place. I advise looking into public transportation in order to plan where to stay, etc. Highlights for me were the Anthropological Museum at the University of BC, which was far from the city center, and the Granville Island food market (totally the best I have ever seen) which was easy to get to by water bus. I will try to answer any other questions, but I'm guessing there are Ziners out there with more experience than mine.

We love Canada, Debbie in Pittsburgh