Subject: Vancouver and Victoria
Hi, this is mainly for the woman who was planning a trip to Vancouver and Victoria. This past spring i went there for 10 days though for most of it i was staying with relatives. I did spend a weekend in Vancouver on my own and used the skytrain and busses or walked where i wanted to go and also traveled to and from Vancouver Island by ferry. You can get a bus from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria for a price that includes the ferry as well. The bus station in Vancouver is opposite a skytrain station. It'll probably be best to stay downtown in both places for the proximity of public transportation. That's also where most of the attractions are. I got a web special at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia in Vancouver and it's right across the street from the Art Gallery. I have a travelogue of my trip at if you want to hear more. I found Vancouver to be a great city to be on your own although i only ventured out at night with friends. It's relatively flat too so walking is easy.

Diane Johnston