Subject: Re: Re: Vancouver and Victoria
Hi Elaine, Surprisingly, for such a small city, there is lots of theatre, music, and opera in Victoria too. I'd say that Spring or Fall are the best (the weather is good and there are fewer tourists than in the summer).

My kids lived in Victoria through their latter years of high school and, when I came to visit them from HK, my home-away-from-home was a beautiful bed and breakfast right over the ocean in Esquimalt (on the other side of the harbour from downtown). The hosts are a wonderful couple by the name of Rosemary and Drew Denniston. Drew has lived in Victoria all his life and they have put together special tours for groups (many of them seniors groups from the US) called Victoria: beyond the obvious. In order to develop these tours, they have compiled some books full of information on the region and are pleased to point independent guests in the right direction and help them plan their days if they need it. They truly are a special couple of people, their house is lovely and has a spectacular view (and binoculars always at the ready on the table in the lounge), and Rosemary makes incredible breakfasts! I recommend them highly.

The Denniston -

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong