Subject: RE: Info on #34hitchhiking#34 on a sail boat wanted
Hitchhiking on a sailboat is one of the most dangerous opportunities. It can be fun, but it can be terrifying. You have to very carefully research the boat and its captain. Some captains are all talk and little experience. The portrayal of the sailboat captain in the movie, The Perfect Storm, is not uncommon. Find someone who has done a transAtlantic or transPacific race and get some tips. Find other crew members, buy them several beers and get the low down on the boat and the skipper. People who seem competent on land are often a different story at sea. I have delivered several boats on the U.S. east coast and I have seen boat owners lose it at sea. It is not a pretty sight. Having said that, if you have a good deal of tolerance, a great deal of patience and an unending sense of self preservation, go do it. It is an experience well worth it.