Subject: Re: Re: Vancouver and Victoria

> Elaine Wickham wrote:

> >What is the best time of
> >year for Vancouver? Elaine

If hotel prices are a concern, you might try going just outside high season. I got a great deal for a spacious room with a great view at the Blue Horizon in early May. I think most hotels start high season rates May 1, but the Bllue Horizon started May 15. I made another trip after high rates ended Oct. 1 and got a good deal at the Barclay, alsocentrally located. The weather was good in May; there was some rain in October. I was fine without a car; downtown is limited to a peninsula so is somewhat compact. There was a bus to the UBC Archeological Museum. Victoria is also a great place; the top remote sight, Butchart Gardens, had a deal with Gray Lines buses including admission that was a better deal than the city bus.

Andrew St. Joseph, Missouri