Hi Gail,

Thank you &all ziners for your very warm welcome.

Loved your travelogues 1 &2, informative &very amusing - so pleased you didn't get flooded in at Cape Trib - folks haven't been sighted for months due to the Big Wet! Spectacular country I agree, one more beautiful beach village 3k north of Mossman Gorge is Newell Beach -great beach, fishing &quaint golf club where the locals ride their ride-on lawn mowers through the cane fields to the club for their evening refreshments to avoid the constabulary!! Friends of ours Karl (German) &Renate (Austrian), have clean, self catering units &caravan park there, which may be of interest to ziners for their future travels. We are situated at Boyne Island/Tannum Sands, a drive to island connected to the mainland by bridge. Heron Island - world famous for Coral Reef, diving &ecotourism is due east of us.Our area is noted for its beautiful beaches, swimming, fishing &a boaties paradise. It also has diverse flora &fauna, 18k of nature walking trails, national parks - even a colony of over 50 kangaroos to be photographed daily,in the wild. It's 520 kilometers North of Brisbane (a relatively short distance by Australian standards only!!) Pardon my ignorance but where on this planet is Eugene? I'm just loving this friendly group of ziners, already we are discovering new friendships &places of interest not thought possible in just a couple of days. You mentioned you'd bought a unit in Cairns - are you thinking about living in Oz permanently or is it purely recreational? & for the record - it's 29*degrees &NOT raining today!!! Regards from downunder, Barb Boyne Island/Tannum Sands, OZ