Dear Andrew, Yes, you are quite correct, it is indeed 29* celsius! We wouldn't perceive 29* fahrenheit in this country but would love to experience it around February when the temperature soars to 32*C!!! Average daily temps are 29C summer-22*C winter, in Queensland, -not too great a variance however there is no humidity during winter.

I have a sister living at Ann Arbor, Michigan, another truly beautiful place, alas her description of the current weather there is less than complimentary being expat Aussie!

Rob's favourite anecdote to visiting northern Europeans is Winter time here is when we put the sheepskin under the straps of the thongs!

I'd just adore to be curled up beside a log fire with a great book today...ah... the other man's grass is always greener....

Cheers for down under Barb &Rob