Subject: Re: Australia
Hello there T. Cobban,

Thank you. We have been overwhelmed with the sincere friendship within the ziners group - it is indeed a pleasure to be part of it!

A tiny hiccup though, Rob says we will need to buy another computer so he can still indulge his passion of web design!

We understand your problem with never ending travel wish lists - suffer the same addiction but joining ziners have satiated this somewhat as we now experience the pleasures of reading ziners world travel delights daily.

A great place to start your research for your Australian trip is the Tourists Commission official site which has maps &links to every state in Australia - like your friend you will need a year to cover all of these though!

Another great hardcopy is The Reader's Digest's Off The Beaten Track if you can obtain it.

Again, thank you for your welcome.

Cheers from Downunder, Barb &Rob