Subject: Re: Croatia
Rebbi wrote:

>Dear Ziners,
>I feel like a lurker lately since I've been keeping up on all your travels
>but have no travels to report from this end. I'm wondering if any one has
>any travel experiences in Croatia. There may be a trip in the future and any
>advice would be welcome.

My wife Sara and I passed through Croatia in the fall of 1997. Our visit was limited to two days spent in Zagreb while in route from Slovenia to Hungary. Along with Slovenia, Zagreb and Croatia ended up being one of the most pleasant surprises during this trip.

We found Zagreb to be a very vibrant and interesting city. The Croatians were friendly and helpful. Some of the highlights were the train ride down the Sava River from Ljubljana to Zagreb; the series of squares running through Donji Grad (Lower Town) surrounded by Secessionist-style architecture; the Museums of Ethnography, Arts and Crafts, and the Mimara Museum; and the Cathedral and churches.

Although we didn't visit other areas of Croatia we met other travelers who had enjoyed the coast with its beautiful beaches. At that time they were deserted due to the ongoing war with Serbia.

A return to Croatia is definitely in our travel future and I would highly recommend a visit to this fascinating country to all.

John Rule San Diego, CA