Subject: Re: Recommendations for places to stay in Munich
Hi Cat: Munich's main railway station is right in the center of the city. If you arrive by air you can get there from the airport by bus, taxi (most expensive), or by S-Bahn (train). At the railway station is a tourist office where you can arrange a hotel room five minutes walk from the station. I stayed at the hotel Europe, I believe in the Goethe Stra·e; barebones, but clean and not more expensive than small hotels in the suburbs.

If the office is closed leave the station through the main entrance on the ground floor (to get there head straight forward from where the Intercity trains arrive, through the main hall).

>From there head towards a street half between face forward and your right. To get there you will have to cross a larger street at a robot; I don't remember the name anymore. Anyway, in this street, less than five minutes walk, you find a number of small and clean hotels.

Enjoy your trip

Blessings Joachim