Subject: Re: Round the world tickets
Hi Jude,

This isn't exactly what your nephew was asking about, but it gave me a chuckle. The URL for the article is so long, it would be decimated in the sending - but you can find the complete text on The Globe and Mail web site:

The Globe and Mail, Wednesday, December 20, 2000 'Mexican Hat Dance' brings cheap flights, more points By Douglas McArthur

Take a detour to Mexico on your next business trip and you might save on air fare while earning oodles of extra frequent flier points. You will also qualify for membership in an exclusive group that calls itself the Mexican Hat Dance Club.

Randall Besta, product manager with a Nova Scotia health services company, did it recently when he had to make a mid-week work trip to Edmonton. He took a direct flight on his way west like any normal business flier. But wait till you see his routing coming home.

>From Edmonton he flew to Vancouver, then to Los Angeles, Mexico City and Toronto before returning to Halifax. That trip home added an extra 13 hours of flying and involved a night on an airplane.

It may have been a gruelling experience, but here's the good news. He travelled in business class all the way, and still spent about $1,400 less than the regular midweek economy air fare for a Halifax-Edmonton return alone, ($1,853 as opposed to $3,260.50). And he flew enough miles to move up two status levels in Air Canada's Aeroplan program. For that, the airline rewarded him with a total of 35,000 Aeroplan miles plus a

Cheers! Linda