Subject: Re: Round the world tickets
Here is a list of discount airline flights from Arthur Frommer which I though others on list might find useful. Included are two consolidators for around the world tickets. Also there is an organization that students can join for discount travel- Council Travel at Good luck. Michele Air Fares within the U.S.

Most air tickets issued by consolidators are for international flights; and such flights--to Europe and Asia, to Central and South America, to Africa and India--account for perhaps 90% of the business of air fare consolidators.

But recently, several of the domestic airlines have begun dabbling in the sale, through consolidators, of their unsold tickets for flights within the United States. Some confine that sale to limited periods of the year; some confine the destinations to long-range flights (like between Boston and Los Angeles); some to particular days of the week. But there are indications that the possibilities will grow, and at least five major consolidators now claim that they have frequent supplies of domestic air tickets for sale at discounted rates. I list them in no particular order of preference:

1-800-FLY-CHEAP (800/FLY-CHEAP) Large (250,000 tickets annually) San Diego-based firm claiming to offer savings of $30 to $150 on most advance-purchase tickets. A subsidiary of industry giant The Travel Company. Web site:

Cheap Tickets, Inc. (800/377-1000) Although mostly selling domestic tickets, this giant among air consolidators can cut the price of an advance-fare ticket practically anywhere in the world by 15 to 25 percent, very often more. Web site:

Mr. Cheap Travel (800/672-4327) A primarily domestic specialist that cuts 17 percent from the price of any TWA fare--even international ones. The firm also works with several smaller upstart carriers, offering discounts of around 20 percent off published prices. Web site:

Air4Less (800/656-9247) Seller since 1995 of discounted domestic air fares priced--it claims--at 25 percent below published rates. Can obtain tickets as late as two days before departure. Web site:

American Travel Associates (800/CHEAP-AIR) Nine-year-old specialist in domestic air fares, mainly transcontinental, last-minute to Florida, and flights to smaller cities. Its discounts average 20 percent.

Both Domestic and International Air Fares

Travel Bargains (800/AIR-FARE) A big one, selling more than 125,000 tickets each year. Formerly owned by (Internet only, no phone) You specify the price you're willing to pay to fly to and from a city on particular dates. If an airline accepts your price, you're obligated to fly on the routings and times of day they choose. An immense firm. Web site:

Transatlantic Air Fares

Travac Tours &Charters, Inc. (800/872-8800) Long-established and highly respected source of discounted tickets to major European cities. Its best values are for the transatlantic high season (April through October). Good Web information:

Council Travel (800/226-8624) Owned by the eminent Council on International Educational Exchange, its cut-rate air fares are no longer confined to students (but still largely student-oriented). Web site:

DER Travel Services (800/717-4247 air fares; 800/782-2424 other travel products) The German railway system owns this long-established firm that claims to provide discounts of 20 to 35 percent on advance-purchase European air fares and also offers a full range of other discounted travel services. Web site:

New Frontiers USA (800/366-6387) The U.S. division of France's largest travel company allegedly beats published air prices to Europe by 20 to 30 percent, operates its own scheduled charter service to France (Corsair), and sells competitively priced fly-drive and air-hotel packages. Web site:

STA Travel Inc. (800/777-0112) The other major student travel firm sells most of its tickets to Europe (25 to 30 percent off published fares, it claims) but offers domestic savings as well. Cheap backpacker-friendly European hotels are another specialty. Web site:

Air Fares to Latin America

Pino Welcome Travel (800/247-6578) This high-volume discounter, over 25 years old, offers a considerable saving on tickets to Central America and Latin America. Web site:

Escape Tours (800/252-0775) Houston-based company that's one of the largest specialists in Latin American air fares selling for as much as 30 percent off published prices. Web site:

Solar Tours (800/388-7652) One of the largest and longest-established of the consolidators to Latin America. Can nearly always save 20 to 30 percent off published advance-purchase fares, sometimes more, using most major carriers. Web site:

Air Fares Primarily to Africa

Magical Holidays (800/228-2208) One of the major discounters of air fares to Africa, typically offering 25 percent (or more) off advance-purchase fares. Also offers some of the best prices for safaris.

Premier Travel (800/545-1910) A 15-year-old that's one of the largest consolidators of African air fares, selling for as much as 30 percent off standard rates. Also offers well-priced land packages and safaris. Web site:

Air Fares Primarily to India

Festival of Asia (800/533-9953) A specialist in southeast Asia and India, this San Francisco firm offers savings, it says, of 25 to 35 percent over published fares in summer and as much as 40 percent in shoulder seasons. Web site:

Hari World Travel (800/889-2968) The largest consolidator of airplane tickets to India--saving customers a third, on average, off any advance-purchase ticket. For tickets without advance purchase, the discount can run higher.

Air Fares Primarily to Japan

Creative Marketing Management (800/458-6663, travel agents only) Though this subsidiary of Japan Air Lines doesn't deal directly with the public, it will provide you (through your travel agent) with air savings to Japan of 30 percent or so in fall, 25 percent in summer and winter.

Japan Budget Travel International (877/246-5284) Founded by Japanese-Americans, this 15-year-old firm now serves all corners of Asia with discounts that can reach as high as 35 percent off standard rates. Web site:

Around-the-World Air Fares

High Adventure Travel, Inc. (800/350-0612) Sells nearly 2,000 heavily discounted around-the-world fares each year. Offers an itinerary-building template on its Web site,

Ticket Planet (800/799-8888) Owner Nick Kontis may have originated the cheap around-the-world fare. Now his California-based company allows travelers to circumnavigate the globe for as little as $1,300. Web site:

Air Fares to Worldwide Destinations

Picasso Travel (212/244-5454) Its main discount market is to Tel Aviv, but it also claims to provide cut-rate fares to all of Europe, Latin America, Africa, and some (but only some) Asia. (800/929-2523) A full-service Internet discounter of everything from air fares (domestic and international) and packages to hotel rooms and cruises. Features an e-mail service for last-minute values and an air fare search engine that compares consolidator and published fares. Web site:

American Passenger Consolidators (212/972-1558, travel agents only) A pioneering consolidator, dealing heavily in discounted fares to Israel and Europe. Owned by airline veteran Michael Shamilzadeh, whose daughter's company Travel With Naomi (800/971-0006) deals directly with the public for many of the same flights. Web site:

Economy Travel (888/222-2110) Specializes in Europe (mainly London, Paris, Rome) and some destinations in Africa and South America. Recently began listing both consolidator and published fares alongside each other, enabling the public to compare. Web site:

Air Travel Discounts (800/888-2621) Claims to cover an unusually broad range of destinations: Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and India. Eleven years in business.