Subject: Nonsuch Island -- Bermuda
The Dec. 19 Wall Street Journal has an article about a most amazing man, David Wingate, and Nonsuch Island, Bermuda. For the first time, Nonsuch Island will be open to 25 visitors a week, an opportunity not to be missed if any of you are in Bermuda!! In May, 1999, we took a Lindblad Expeditions ship on a 19-day Transatlantic crossing (Antigua to St. Kitts and Nevis, to Saba, to Bermuda, to three Azorean Islands, to the Scilly Islands, to Dartmouth, England, with lots of wanderings to follow pods of whales, etc.). On this marvelous voyage, there were 7 naturalists (for 60 passengers), including David Wingate, ornithologist and conservation officer for Bermuda. Almost singlehandedly, he has brought back the thought-to-extinct the cahow (Bermuda petrel) and has restored Nonsuch Island to its original state with ONLY native Bermuda flora and fauna---an amazing saga and a fascinating man. We feel very privileged to have met him and had the opportunity to spend a day on Nonsuch with him. So, for those of you who want to meet an extraordinary man and see the real Bermuda as it used to be, you can now have the chance, for the first time. Also, we heartily recommend Lindblad cruises--no Las Vegas type shows, no casinos, but a casual voyage devoted to natural life and lots of explorations with the naturalists in sea kayaks and inflatable Zodiacs. The bridge is open at all times, there is open seating with tables for two, four, six, eight--your choice each meal, and the naturalists are usually on deck to talk with you--a wonderful way to travel. We are hoping to go on their exploration of the Svalbard Islands this summer. Happy New Year everyone! Cheers, Pat and Bill in Baltimore