Subject: What we do New Years Eve
To all of you Ziners out there --- I wish you all peace and health above all; then safety and all the joy of travel everywhere!!!

We in Boston have been going (and hope to continue to go... even with a 'noreaster supposedly on it's way) to Boston's First Night Celebration. This is a wonderful event which started here a very long time ago. For the price of a button (worn outside on your coat at all times) -- you can choose any event happening in the city from opera, to Baroque to Rock to old-fashioned rock and roll, to early music to Gospel to dance... that is, after the Grand Parade. There are ice scultpures that are lit up on the Common and in Copley Square after it turns dark, and everyone is in a festive mood. The streets are closed to vehicle traffic and at midnight, on the waterfront, is a grand fireworks display - usually with a laser-light show ticking down the last 60 seconds of the old year displayed on the Custom House Tower Building.

We love going - take the T in and usually go to 2 or 3 concerts, then have a bite at one of the restaurnts that serves la carte -- (meet up with anyone we know who braves the cold and snow for this event and is hungry!) -- Then, we're off to the fireworks, and we walk through the Common (park) to again see the sculptures, take the last photos and go home.

This has been a tradition for us for years as we love Boston and this event, and it sort of puts a nice, calm, sweet ending to the holidays! (There is no drinking on the streets and police are very visable)

Good luck and much happiness to all of you out there. We hope to meet all of you someday in our travels.

Susie Newton, MA