Subject: Time off in Australia
Dana asked if there was an Ozzie in the group. well I am a new member but an old Ozzie,living in the US. To answer your quesions, Dana: Yes 4 weeks annual leave is the norm, as is superannuation (3months off) each 10 years. Also liberal sick leave, maternity leave, flexie days and other time off schemes make Australia a worker friendly environment as compared to the US. 3 Week holidays are not uncommon. People are definitely not considered less than team players when taking this leave. Most young Australians travel extensively. I think it is the island mentality. However as in all things, there is a price an that is high taxes. If you want to work in the computer industry in OZ I would suggest you contact the Australian Embassy closest to you and additionally large employement agencies like Manpower are on the web with information about jobs.....Good luck mate....Gay