Subject: Introducing Us
We have just discovered TheTravelzine and Don and Linda ask that we introduce ourselves, I will keep it brief.

My name is Sue, I am 55 years old, living and working in Toronto. I would rather not be working but need to keep going to feed my travel habit. Of course work seriously cuts in to the amount of time I can spend on the road. Tony, my husband is 58 and a self employed consulting engineer. He is in the enviable position of being able to schedule his work to allow 4 months off in the summer to go sailing.

I came to travelling relatively late in life. Ten years ago our son dropped out of university to travel the world. He was gone for almost 3 years. Reading his letters home from one exotic location after another, I realized he had see far more of the world in his 20+ years than I was ever likely to.

Since then we have been to Thailand, Vietnam, Honk Kong, Bali, China and sailed extensively around Lakes Ontario and Erie, Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland. Sometimes together, sometimes alone or with a friend. We are both keen amateur photographers and as the trip photos began to pile up we created a photographic travel website

Next year (2001) I will be traveling to Greece and Turkey. A posting on Rec Travel Europe drew a response from Linda and here I am, looking forward to sharing experiences with you all. If Tony or I can help with your trip plans we would be delighted to hear from you. No doubt we will have questions for the group.

Wishing you all happy trails in 2001.

Sue &Tony Toronto, Canada