Subject: Introducing Us
Hi Sue &Tony,

Welcome aboard. Like yourselves we, Rachel and I, didn't really start travelling until the family were off our hands. We got the travel bug about nine years ago and have travelled to Australia, Fiji, the western states of Canada, California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, France, northern Italy and briefly, on a bus tour, to Germany, Holland and the southern part of England. Of course we have travelled extensively in our own country, especially the South Island. Late in 2000 we had made plans to visit southern part of England, Wales and Italy, but unfortunately some thing happened and we were forced to scrap all our plans. All the information supplied by the kind and knowledgeable people on this list, will keep until maybe 2002 when we hope to revive our plans.

Next year (2001) I will be traveling to Greece and Turkey. Turkey is one country that we are determined to visit, especially the Black Sea area, plus the eastern and south eastern parts of Anatolia. We would have gone to Turkey in 1999, and our flights were booked from Nice to Istanbul, but with the earthquakes and more especially the acts of terrorism, we spent all our time travelling the south of France.

Once again welcome to the list, and Rachel and I wish you 'Happy Trails'.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)