Subject: Nice To Meet You
Nice to 'meet' you Rachel and Richard. Don't rule out the north of England when you are making those plans! The Lake District, Yorkshire Moors and Dales and the coast of Northumberland are all magical. The hiking in England is wonderful. The whole country is covered by 'public rights of way' going back to the Middle Ages. They have to be walked every 7 years or so to retain the privilege so there are dedicated bands of hikers doing just that. Of course the weather is the pits but one can't have everything and as New Zealanders you should be able to cope with rain, yes? Australia and New Zealand are close to the top of my wish list and I may even be able to talk Tony into accompanying me. Of course he would rather sail there so we may have to meet on Terra Firma. It will have to wait until retirement when I will have time to do it justice. Midnight is approaching here so Happy New Year to everyone. I wonder how many of the Ziners are babysitting tonight? I bet there are a fair number. Sue &Tony Toronto, Canada