Subject: Nice To Meet You
Hi Sue &Tony

As you and Doug so correctly pointed out, the north of England is not to be missed. In 1998 we had planned a four week trip that took in the northern parts of England and all of Scotland. That trip was canned because of work commitments and the low NZ dollar, similar to what it is at the moment. I still have all the plans and information stored on my system, so hopefully sometime in the near future I will be able to resurrect these plans and make the trip.

I can't comment on the weather in the north of England, but here in New Zealand, while it is true that places like the West Coast of the South island and Fiordland do experience heavy rainfall, there are areas that have very low rainfall; e.g. Central Otago only 12 - 15 inches per year and where I live, Christchurch has 20 - 25 inches per year. To answer your question, yes, Rachel and I do not worry too much when it rains, as long it is not that constant drizzle that seems to hang around for days. This was the type of weather that we experienced for 6 days while visiting Paris in September/October, 1999. As you and Tony no doubt know, as keen photographers, stormy weather with thunder and lightening, sometimes makes for the best photography. This was the type of weather that we had in the 'Gorges du Tarn', in the south of France and we took some great shots.

I hope you are able to visit New Zealand, and if I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to ask. While I am not a keen Yachtie, both my brother-in-laws built their own trailer/sailers and are out on the sea as often as the weather and respective jobs permit. I believe that we have some fair yachtsman so Tony may be in his element, should he visit New Zealand.

Oh BTW I loved your website, I have only looked at the photos of Thailand, so far, but they are fantastic. I had never thought of Thailand as a place to visit, but your photos have got both of us thinking. The country looks beautiful. Did you drive or use public transport?

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)