Subject: Amsterdam in April
Hi Janet and Marguerite, I love Amsterdam in the springtime:) April is a great month to visit--the Tulips are in bloom and Kukenhof is a good place to see lots of flowers (lots of people too). There is more than enough to do in the Netherlands at this time of year. I suggest you visit Leiden, Utrecht, Haarlam (which is the same distance from Amsterdam as Harlem in New York is from NYC), Den Hague (the Mesdag panorama is wonderful)Delft and Gouda just to name a few the wonderful towns. Maastricht is a neat place to visit--don't miss the Marl caves. Leewarden is another nice place to visit and its the birthplace of Mata Hari. I can recommend a great Dutch-Indonesian restaurant in Den Hague if you are interested let me know. Amsterdam is a city filled with interesting art, don't miss The Rikes and the Van Gogh Museums. Also, there are some rather interesting museums in the Red-light District like the Torture Museum, and various sex and Marijuana Museums--all interesting things that you cannot see anywhere else in the world! Of course you should visit the Anne frank house, it is eye opening and sobering but very important. Near the Anne Frank house is the Pancake House for a wide variety of Pancakes from sweet to savory. There is a neat place called The Beginhof in the city as well. Take the Museum canal boat to take in the canals and take Circle tram #20 to take in the City. At the VVV ( the tourist center) pick up there great Amsterdam walking tour and then really see the city. Better yet, rent a bike for the thrill of a lifetime . There are lots of flower markets at this time of year as well as flower parades so check them out too. The waterlooplein flea market takes place m-sat from 10-4 pm and its one of the best. I have never had problems with being stopped leaving Amsterdam, and if I am carrying a prescription I simply travel with the medication in the original bottle. I hope this information helps in some way, and if i can be of service further, let me know!

Happy New Millennium, Amelia in Los Angeles