Subject: Amsterdam in April
Don't worry about personal medications in Amsterdam. I take them, and they did not search me. Amsterdam was a beautiful place to visit. If you like art, this is the place to be. The canal ride is fantastic. It is amazing the streets with beautiful homes near the canal. They have little hooks on top of each building, as if you want to hoist furniture to the top floor, they do it by tying a rope to the hoist on the building, and pull the furniture up through a window. I found that intriguing. They have Madam Touseau's and a Diamond Center, and the outskirts are so charming. If you are a senior citizen, they give you a discount for entering their art museums. I love Van Gogh, and that is the building which is a thorn in the side of the people from Amsterdam, as it is a modern building compared to the surrounding museums. I love Van Gogh, and they not only have all his paintings, but upstairs the original letters he wrote to his brother Theo. Lots to do and see. Have a wonderful vacation! As for Switzerland, please do not miss Lucerne. It is memorable. Elaine