Subject: Time off in Australia
When I first came to Canada I couldn't believe that people only received TWO weeks holidays FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. When I went home and took 2 weeks leave of absence on top of my holidays, people assumed I had 6 weeks off, not 4.

Re long service leave - a friend of mine came over here as an exchange teacher a few years and, between long service leave, the summer vacations she'd missed out on in Aust. (our school year is the calendar year), etc. she ended up with almost 6 months off. When she stopped teaching here at the end of the year, she didn't have to go back to teaching in Aust. until about June/July. Not bad!

Also, Easter Monday is a public holiday in Aust. Almost didn't show up for work my first year here as assumed it was a holiday here as well.

And yes, I, too , take 3 weeks (sometimes 4) weeks off all at once.

Marty (in Toronto)