Subject: Lyke Wake Walk
Sue asks about the Lyke Wake Walk, and I have an embarrassing story about that. One beautiful night, with a full moon, I set out from Lastingham, where we were living, to Osmotherly at 3:00 AM to begin the walk. Just as I approached the car park, a heavy cloud passed over the moon and left me in total darkness. As a result, I went to the wrong car park, found a well-worn track, and headed off. After a while, the track petered out and left me all alone on a high moor, with no clear idea where I was.

It was actually a beautiful moment, as I stood there watching a beautiful sunrise over the Cleveland Hills and listening the grouse coming awake all around me.

But by the time I got re-oriented, my time schedule had fallen to pieces, and I had to give the walk up for that day. Friends who have done it do not speak too highly of it, saying that it is rather boring and that there are better walks to take in the North York Moors. We have done a number of them, and the walking IS superb.

Cheers, Bill in Baltimore