Subject: Amsterdam in April
DON'T rent a car for within Amsterdam. Too expenive, no place to park, simply unnecessary, and a HUGE hassle. You can walk everywhere or take a tram. I would take a train to other cities. Why lug luggage at all? The Netherlands, is very, very, very small. Stay in Amsterdam and take day trips to everywhere else. From Amsterdam Centraal Station by train to Den Haag - approx. 1.5 hours Deflt - approx. 1.75 hours (about 10 minute train or 45 minute tram ride from Den Haag) Leiden - approx. 20-30 minutes Utrect - approx. 30 minutes Apeldoorn/Paleis Het Loo - approx. 1.5-2 hours

> Is there some sort of museum pass that would provide reduced or free admissions?

Yes. Sorry, I don't have details, but I do know it exists. You can purchase it from the tourist office when you arrive.

I would say that Brugge is a MUST see! By train, Brugge is about 3.5 hour trip with a change in Brussels.

No. B&Bs exist, but they are more luxury getaways like in the US, rather than the inexpensive &ubiquitous accommadations found in Ireland. There are many hotels of all varieties. Some friends of mine recently stayed in Hotel Villa Borgmann Koningslaan 48 Amsterdam tel: +31-20-6735252).

Hotel Villa Borgmann is on Tram line 2, which is good. It is in a quiet, upscale, mixed residential &office neighborhood in the Museum Quarter. I believe my friends' room was a double room, en suite &including a nice breakfast for 215 NLg/night ($87 USD/night - approximately). If you do a search online you may be able to find cheaper places.

Erina Amsterdam, The Netherlands