Subject: London
Am I the only Ziner who wishes she were in London, right now?!? There seem to be so many who are down on London--cost, weather. This is the first January in years that Bill and I have not spent a week in London (definitely would this year except that I have been in a series of casts since early October as the result of two ankle reconstruction surgeries--and still have a couple months to go--yuck!). Right now the exchange rate is much more favorable to U.S. residents than it was last year. In 2000 we were in London for a week, Northern England for 5 weeks, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy (each for about a week), and I really couldn't see much difference in the amounts we spent (not a lot) in any of these places. Maybe it is just that we have figured out how to do London on the cheap, while yet being very comfortable and seeing lots of theatre, museums, galleries, and taking lots of walking tours, plus being on our own much of the time. And weather doesn't really matter a lot when you are doing many inside things--we take each day with sun as a special joy, but don't expect a lot. Please, don't be scared by London--it can be done! Responding to Amelia's New Year's Eve games, the group we were with found ourselves playing the Where would you go if you were told you had to live in only one place for the rest of your life? Bill gave the first quick response: London! My response was Herm--the small island off Guernsey. Other responses were any Greek Island, right in my own home, any island anywhere--must be something about being surrounded by water! Cheers, Pat