Subject: Greece -- Santorini
<< Perivolas looks amazing...We are travelling on Canadian $$$ and $530 per night is just too much >>

Sorry, when we were there it was about $210/night - still steep, but we managed for 3 nights with two others at Nikos Villas (same location, but not as posh -- we were there first and this was 1/2 the price.) I knew that when Perivolas made the cover of Conde-Nast Traveler some years ago, that was the kiss of ... price-wise - sorry, Sue - but you'll love the island anyway.

Make sure you go to the ruins at Akrotiri (other end of the island) -- Also, within walking distance of that excavation, is the Red Beach -- It has a lava beach (as many of Greece's beaches are either stoney or lava-like) -- so please be sure to bring teva's for walking the beach!!! (There are many beaches on the island; this one is never really as crowded)

The restaurant that I mentioned is called Katina Carlotta or Charlotta or just plain Coletta's (I can't find my notes... ) It's the only one like that, though -- It's at Ammoudhi Beach (this is a fishermen's harbor) below the end point of the island (Oia) -- You can climb down the interminable stairs or drive to the beach area below the hamlet. -- White sprinkly lights are strung along the beach at the end of the taverna -- You'll eat outside, with the stars above, and the breezes gently touching your skin -- choosing the fish that you'd like to have w/ wine and Greek salad and frites -- Your fish will have just been caught and combined with the right combination of oil, lemon and fresh-grown herbs, this will be sublime!!! (Can you tell it was a remarkable evening when we were there???) We had the kalamari steak... (first time we had eaten the steak) and it was the best!!! We met no Americans at dinner that night - but conversed with Greeks, French and some people from Holland -- It was amazing... (When we go - mid May -- most Americans haven't come yet - but the Europeans do as it's a bit cheaper before the season gets under way.) Do bring a windbreaker or gortex jacket as it can get quite windy and cool in the evenings at that time of year.

We also had a wonderful meal at a little taverna called Galini in Kamari (tel 0286 31622) -- Again, the same bit - choose what you like and then, it's grilled... (yum) -- It was terrific also.

I am at a loss for the Church, sorry, but I'm sure it's in the guide books - I know it's between Oia and Fira (crazy, built up part of the island with endless jewelry stores -- but with a tiny, lovely provencial museum) -- a bit off the road, but it's worthwhile looking for it. Maybe another ZINER is familiar with it?? I'll keep checking further and try to come up with it.

Hope all of this helps and do think of going to Folegandros or Karpathos (they are not developed like Santorini but they are very special!!! (Since we went in '95 to this area, I don't have a disc for photos and I don't own a scanner, but if we get one, I'll send some pix.) Good luck and have fun!!! Susie Newton, MA