Subject: Staying at expensive places
I would love to stay at Susie's Greek Island recommendation--and just might sometime, making up for that with a series of cheap nights. Once in a while a splurge is well worth it: We have marvelous memories of nights at the Rote Rose in Regensberg, Switzerland; at the Chewton Glen and Gravetye Manor in England; at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise, Canada; at Gibbs Farm in Tanzania. . .and so on. However, these are just what I said--Splurges--then we go back to budge accommodation and meals from the grocery store! Both of us realize that living it up for a couple days on each trip can add a lot to our memories! Next goal: One of the owner's suite accommodations on an expedition ship---probably will never be, however, since one has to take one of these for the whole trip---way beyond our budget! Cheers, Pat