Subject: Re: Re: London

To add my two cents to the London thread, first, I would like to point out that the weather is much better there in February and March than it is in Chicago, where I live, and although you don't see the sun much, you can escape the bitter cold that is typical to midwestern winters. You also get the benefits of seeing some neat winter blooming plants, because they don't get the deep, hard freezes that we see over here. Second, since we are all doing this, I would like to recommend two of my favorite destinations to explore: Greenwich, especially the hospital and naval college (the walking tour is wonderful, but the Dome is not for me!), and the Grimey old last End, which is beginning to really buzz with trendy places such as art galleries, shops and eateries. One walking tour that I liked very much was the one that traced the history of London's Jewish population, and it offers a nice introduction to the East End. I have been to London at least 8 times in the past two years, as my significant other is living there, and I never run out of things that are on my to do list, and each time I wish that I could stay for a couple of more days.


Jonathan Chimene Chicago