Subject: Re: Canada/USA trip in Feb/March
Hi Lorraine

Well, from Toronto, you might want to see Niagra Falls, which is spectacular in winter, and very unlike anything in any tropics I have been to. That could lead you logically into Pennsylvania, where you might want to check out the Laurel Mountain area, which is easy to get to from Pittsburgh, and contains an architectural treasure that is also an incredible winter sight: Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. Very beautiful, in some very beautiful and historic (many sites of the American Revolution) hill country.

You could stop in Pittsburgh to see a typical mid-size American city with some scenic and historic highpoints (certainly riding the incline up to Mt Washington for dazzling views, as well as many other things). It would them be easy to proceed to Washington DC, which Linda was totally right to suggest; it is a beautiful, entertaining and inexpensive place to visit. A good side trip would be to Annapolis, where many people visit in the summer, but still quite lovely and interesting from the standpoint of American history.

Blue Ridge Mountains, Smoky Mountains, and the Appalachian Trail could all lead you southward and are all places of extraordinary beauty.

As is always mentioned, read some good guide books, and choose according to what you like to see and do. I just mention some places that I love and have experience with. Debbie in Pittsburgh