Subject: Re: Canada/USA trip in Feb/March
Hi Lorraine,

My first thought was to suggest Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks but that is no where near any route to Florida. An alternative would be to enter the United States through Burlington, VT and head south. Rte 100 traverses almost the entire length of Vermont and passes ski areas, farms and rural areas that will assure you that you are no longer in OZ. This trip requires a car. You could then travel on to Boston (fairly compact city and lots of American history) and then take the train to New York City for two or three nights (easier to go than to explain why you didn't when you get home). Amtrak can then take you further south to Washington, DC which we can all agree on as an interesting visit.

As for clothing, you are right about the layers. Silk long underwear takes little space and provides amazing warmth. I'd also take wool socks (real wool)for warm feet. Add something for your head and a scarf to tuck in around your neck or an extra layer over your ears or even over your nose if it's really frigid. In the winter when it is really cold--below 20 degrees F--I wear silk underwear, flannel shirt, sweater and or polartec and a goretex parka to break the wind.

We just had a guest from Sydney for Christmas who loved the snow and cold. He skiied twice, shoveled our driveway for the fun of it and went hiking in the woods in the snow.

So many choices and never enough time. Like Australia, the US is large and varied and you will have to pass up some places.

Barbara in CT