Subject: USA/ Canadian trip in Feb.
Yes Lorraine I will echo the thoughts of others. A bit cold for backpacking mate, especially for an Aussie....As one who has lived in Aust(Sydney) for many years and all over the east coast of the US for many years also, I can tell you that we are experiencing one of the coldest winters ever....It may be wise to head straight for Florida and then tour back to Toronto....A coat, hat and gloves are necessities. Ask anyone who found themselves outside for any period of time. I am in Montgomery, Alabama (that's deep south) and last night it was 20degrees F that's about -5c for you.... Several place for you to Florida the west coast is beautiful. Sanibel island, magic....and the keys.....Going up the east coast don't miss St. Augustine Fl, Savannah GA....(read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and take the cemetery tour!) Tour. Also Charleston South Carolina and on to the Virginias. A must is Colonial Williamsburg and Wash Dc. I think others mentioned places north..... Get a good coat and try the trains Amtrak on the east coast and the smaller airlines in the US, Airtran would be helpful for your destinations......Good luck...... Gay