Subject: Re: Normandy beaches
Take the train to Caen where the wonderful WW II museum is &about 15 miles from the landing beaches. You can pick up your car right across the street from the train station. It's an easy drive to the museum &the beaches. My suggestion would be to stay in Bayeaux which is where the William the Conqueror's famous tapestry is. Several very good museums in Bayeaux, too. And the city is small &easy to manuveur with a car. The Churchill Hotel is in the middle of town &while I didn't stay there personally I had clients love it. IT was actually my ex-husband &his wife &another it was probably pretty great! You can also drive to St. Mont Michel from Bayeaux...about 2-3 hours easy drive. Normandy is a great place to drive around &I speak no French. Be sure to see the German cemetery in the area...very eery feeling.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR