Subject: Re: Back from Italy!
I'm eager to share all the wonderful places we went and things we saw - that will come soon! Meanwhile, a definite highlight of the trip was meeting Simona, Marco and Monica in Turin. What a super evening we had together! They met us at our hotel (definitely one for the Ziner list - a gem!) - the Hotel Victoria, and Simona treated us to a special aperitif. Marco and his sister Monica had driven from Milan (about and hour and a half) for the evening - thanks again, Marco! After a delightful hour of getting to know each other, in English thanks to their excellent language skills (glad we didn't have to depend on our meager to non-existent Italian!) we walked to the nearby restaurant where Simona had made reservations. C'èra una Volta (Once Upon a Time) was a delight - from the obscure entrance, where we rang a doorbell, and were buzzed inside, and walked up a flight of stairs to the vintage restaurant, to the delicious meal - one course after another, complimented by some superb regional wine. Simona is a regular there, which guaranteed great and friendly service - lots of banter in Italian, which our new friends ably interpreted for us so we could enjoy the humor. The meal was wonderful - old Piemontese recipes that had been passed down through generations. We were happy to see that they enjoyed sharing tastes of each others choices like we do - we were passing lots of delicious tidbits around the table. We closed down the restaurant - I think they were waiting for us to leave! And walked back to the hotel, enjoying the distinctive holiday lights of Turin (more about that in another post...). Marco and Monica drove back to Milan, and Simona went home to pack for a ski trip the next day (how was it, Simona?). It added SO much to our time in Turin to meet and spend time with Ziners there. I hope all Ziners get an opportunity to do so in their travels. Once again, Molto Grazie, Simona, Marco and Monica - we treasured our time with you! Anne and Kirk in VA