Subject: Netherlands Museum Pass and more
Hello all, My research is continuing and I have found the following site that gives extensive information about the Museum Pass, but it is in Dutch.

To the best of my ability, it appears that the cost is f 70 per person and we need a photo. There is also a mention of f 5 but I can't tell what it is for. If any of you out there read Dutch, I would really appreciate your help. It sounds like a really good deal but I can't tell if it is only for the Dutch or can be purchased by just anyone. Any additional information you can ferret out would be great!

Rooms seem to be scarce and expensive over this busy Easter/bulb time. I am still waiting on replies from several places. One, the Canal House, which quoted f270 on their web site, wanted f395 - quite a difference in my book.

Thanks again to all for the ever continuing words of wisdom! Janet Riverview, FL