Subject: Austria and Germany info request
Don and Linda, I see that I didn't answer your questions after you were so helpful with the Crystal caves information.

Our itinerary is to spend 3 days in Berlin, seeing the remains of the wall, the Pergamum Museum,Checkpoint Charlie museum, and I have asked if it's possible to visit Hitler's Bunker.

Then to Potsdam, visiting San Souci Park and Castle. To Wittenburg, to Leipzig, Weimar, Bayreuth, and Regensburg Short cruise on the Danube. Walhalla, Linz Austria - Berchtesgarten, Eagles Nest, Salzburg, Innsbruck (from Innsbruk we will go to the Crystal cave. ) Then to a castle (not Neuschwanstein - the one the father built, and the name escapes me right now) I can't spell it anyway.

We will end up in Munich for 2 nights and have our final dinner at the Hofbrauhaus.

All this in two weeks. We will be with a small group, and we're outlining the itinerary ourselves. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks again,