Subject: Re: Yosemite National Park, California
Hi Sandie, Where will you be in Northern California? Yosemite will be cold and quite likely snowy at that time of year. The best news is that there should be a minimum of crowds and the hotels will be cheaper. In Yosemite there are giant Sequoia Trees and these trees ( a variety of Redwood) are the biggest ( that is widest) trees on earth. They are among the oldest living things on earth. They are related to the Coastal Redwoods but differ in size and look : these Redwoods are fatter but shorter than their Coastal cousins. The Ave of the Giants is an amazing place to visit especially if you have never seen a coastal Redwood. The Ave of the Giants is located near Garberville off Highway 101. further up that highway is Eureka and more Redwood Parks including Redwood National Park ( one of the least visited of our National Parks) and various other Redwood state parks. You can easily hike to the tallest tree on earth, or find an amazing amount of variety in the rainforest that the redwoods live in. Because they are coastal, the weather is always fairly temperate but do expect fog . There is nothing more astounding then these trees..... If i can be of more assistance please let me know,

Amelia in Los Angeles