Subject: London to Edinburgh--Rosemary's query
I agree with other Ziners who suggest exploring the areas closer to London rather than, in just two days (including travel times), trying to do Edinburgh--You would be impossibly rushed and, what is more, be tired at the START of your tour with the Girl Scouts---from my experience travelling with groups of high school students, you want to be as fresh as possible when you start!! If it were me, I would probably go right in to London, maybe even to same hotel you will be in with Girl Scouts, and then do day trips to interesting places like Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge, St. Albans, Canterbury or even simply explore more of London itself. Original London Walks does several Explorer Days out of London that might interest you, plus its regular series of dozens of walks within London, all led by marvelous guides. This would be a no-hassle way to see a bit more of England without wearing yourself out. Cheers -- and enjoy your trip -- Pat