Subject: Montmartre
Hi A walk very similar to the one Richard took is described in Rick Steves' Paris guide. But I want to add that Montmartre has much lovelier streets and sights. From the Place du Tetre, follow the steps down to the Dali museum, and then turn right. This leads to a beautiful residential area, traversed in part by that goofy-looking Montmartre tram. Wander around a bit before heading for the downhill walk to rue Lepic. You will see one of Paris's loveliest residential neighborhoods. And if you can, avoid Pigalle. Leaves one feeling a little slimy, even after just walking down the street. On the way up to Sacre Couer, stop at the relegious shops leading to the cog-incline if you like relegious souveniers. These are great and have good prices. I bought the best Jeanne D'Arc (I think the only one in Paris!) there, but gave it as a gift to a sick friend. Wish I had another one.

Au Revoir Debbie