Subject: music and beer gardens
dear rosemary,

from my bible, good beer guide to munich and bavaria

chinesischer turm, the chinese tower is located in englischer garten, has 6500 seats arranged around a 50' tall wooden pagoda in which an oompah band sits and seranade drinkers on wednesday evening and week-ends.

heide volm, one of the biggest, if not the prettiest beer gardens in southern munich is opposite the train station at planegg, s-6 line. a brass band plays on sunday from 3:00 pm.

waldwirtschaft, george-kalb strasse is located near isartalbahnhof station, s-7. not the most accessible, but a must for jazz fans. instead of the traditional oompah band, this beer garden offers jazz nightly from 5:00 pm and during week-ends (saturday/2:00 &sunday/11:00 am)

hirschgarten, konigsbauer strasse is within walking distance of nymphenburg palace and claims (with seating for 8500) to be the biggest beer garden in europe.

viktualienmarkt, set within the open air food market near marienplatz. the local custom is to buy a wedge of cheese from one market stall and a bunch of radishes from another. wash the radishes in one of the surrounding fountains and queue at the kiosk for beer.

Barry's favorites (in no particular order)

viktualienmarkt....i can hang out while my wife shops in the market, 5 minutes from zentrum chienesischer the largest park in europe and a chinese tower, 15 minutes from zentrum hirschgarten....beautiful spot to hit after touring the palace gardens

hope this helps and you have a ball