Subject: Re: Yosemite National Park, California
Sandie, you will be well located in Sunnyvale to drive across the valley to Yosemite. (We are just a few miles up the road) I would suggest staying in Yosemite Lodge, the moderate priced motel-like facility in the valley. There are many motels outside the valley, but they can be about an hour from the valley floor. As to chains, buy a pair at an auto supply chain - it always guarantees me that there will be no snow. In November we stayed at the Lodge and then drove across the valley to Monterey. In that area there is a whole range of accomodations, from chain hotels to beautiful bed and breakfasts on the water; there is a lot of info on the web. I would suggest using Monterey or Pacific Grove for your base of operations there. If you wish, drop me an e-mail off the list when your plans are firmer and I can give you some other thoughts.