Subject: Re: Yellowstone
Yellowstone is my favorite place to go in the whole country; I've been 4 times and get say enough about it. It is crowded in July and early August, so if you can avoid that time it would be best. But if you have to go then, it's not that bad. All the people are within 50 feet of a parking spot I think, so you can get away from most of them by hiking just a bit.

Everyone I've talked to who didn't like Yellowstone spent a day or less there. You really have to take longer than that or it's not worth it, IMHO. Wait for an unusual geyser to go off; ask the rangers what is active now. Sit quietly and watch for the wildlife. Take a ranger led hike; seeing it through the eyes of someone who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable makes it much more meaningful.

There are several lodges; check their web site. You have to reserve well in advance. I've stayed at Old Faithful and can recommend it, but usually we camp. If you have to stay outside the park, West Yellowstone is convenient to the most sites. We carry picnics because there is a lot of driving between sites, and most of the food you can buy is mediocre.

Have a great time. Wish I could go along.

Betty in central Illinois