Subject: Re: Yellowstone
Yellowstone is in my backyard so to speak. I live in Billings, MT about 2 hrs away. As previously posted, the summer months are very crowded, altho this past summer was not bad as everyone thought MT was on fire and lots of people canceled their plans and didn't come which was too bad as there were no fires near by or even in the park that caused any problems. There are good camping spots in the park, but you need to reserve them now, as most are already gone. You must camp in a campground and have to have a reservation. There are at least 3 hotels maybe more, check their web site I like Lake best. There are 5 towns at the entranaces to the park. West Yellowstone is a small place, lots of hotels of all costs, a Imax theatre and a Bear Park that is cool. Cooke City is high in the mnts and very small. Has about 4 or 5 places to stay and is fun and friendly and very rustic. The Beartooth Pass starts there and is known as the Most Beautiful Highway in America Be fore warned tho that they may close it this summer to rebuild part of it, I will try to find out for you. The town at the base of the road ( 2 hrs, 60 miles, from 5500 feet to 12,000 and back to about 6000) is wonderful. Red Lodge, lots of hotels, great food, touristy but great, good camping and hiking from there. Cody,Wy is a small town, has Wild Bill Cody things all over, a nightly rodeo, and the most wonderful Western art museum that will take all day and cannot be missed.Jackson Hole is the 4th town, very hip, very expensive, very touristy and okay. We go there for the 4th of July as they have a great outdoor concert with a symphony playing. There is a ski resort there with a summer gondola, lots of good food, movie stars, a nightly rodeo, hiking, lakes and fishing and rafting. You can cross the park in less that a day and if you can't get a reservation inside, one of these towns would be good altho you will have to backtrack some to see a new area. The 5th town is Gardiner.Mt. A small town also, good motels, used alot for hunting in the fall. Right up the road about 30 miles or less is Chico Hot Springs, a great old hotel with new rooms or old ones in the original lodge and a 4 Star restaurant. We kind of keep it hidden! Outside West Yellowstone is Big Sky of MT, a great ski and summer resort. I could go on, but hope this helps and please feel free to e-mail me and I will help more if you need. You're the first one who has asked about Yellowstone! Come in September if you can, it's beyond words then! Pam in Montana. Hi Flavio!!