Subject: Re: Paris Hotel recommendation
Hi all,

If you're looking for something in a residential neighborhood you might want to try The Queen's Hotel. It's in a nice neighborhood with a fresh fruit and vegetable stand across the street and is 1 blk from a farmers market that is on every Sunday and Wed. There are also lots of nice shops and restrautants. For a more formal setting I suggest L'ans de Coeur or for informal the Village Brasserie where the staff are really fun!

The hotel is very comfortable, but not large. Breakfast is with 4-6 others at most. The rooms are also not large but have all of the amenities and are quite nice. If you're lucky you can get one with a jacuzzi bath! This is a great way to soothe those aching muscles after a long day of walking. Prices run about US$100/nt and IMHO it's one of the best hotel deals in Paris.

The hotel is located in the 16th arrondissement which is a residential area so if you're looking to get a flavor of daily Parisian life this is the place to be, but you should know some French. At least Hello, goodbye, I'd like ..., and check please. I've also added I'm sorry my French is not so good with great results! Knowing just enough to get you to the pointing stage has always worked great for me. The merchants in this area have always bent over backwards to accommodate us!

My wife and I have really come to like this Hotel and this part of Paris as it has a quiet, cozy feel and the residents seem like neighbors. It's a lovely area for an evening stoll and you'll have plenty of company! If you go to L'ans de Coeur say hi to the owner's dog Yaski for us!

It's a 3 star hotel located at 4 rue Bastien Lepage and the Metro stop is Michel Ange.

Have fun!