Subject: Re: Central America
I can help with some of the questions. Our Spanish class in high school spent two weeks in the middle of the rainforest in Costa Rica a few years ago. I absolutely loved it. I want to go back so bad. We didn't go into Nicaragua so I don't know too much about it. I would highly recommend Costa Rica. We stayed in a biological reserve in the Cloud Forest that over looked Volcan Arenal and the Lake Arenal. That was just would erupt every once in awhile and that was just too cool. We didn't see any jaguars, but we did see Quetzals (the green birds with the long tails), Howler Monkeys (they kept us up almost all night long, they were so loud and obnoxious), tree frogs that I have fallen in love with, sloths, and a whole bunch of different birds and insects. I will have to get the name of the biological reserve, I don't know if it's open to the public or not...the only way to get there is driving to this one spot and then walking a 3 hour hike in knee deep mud to the house. There is no electricity and no real running water, it's all run by generators. If they would like any other information let me know. I have quite a bit of information I got while I was there. Clare