Subject: Australia--Boomerang Pass
Greetings from a very warm downunder! Web site at : http://www.oztra/QF_Boomerang_Pass.html has comprehensive details of Boomerang Pass. In remote areas, &distance travel, air travel is convenient & important for those wishing to see all the sights, I'm wondering though, at the moment there is an air fare war happening &if it would be worth their while checking out the offers on internal carriers also, ie: Ansett, Virgin Blue, Impulse &Qantas of course. May be they would save heaps of dollars!! To sights like Broome, Ayres Rock etc plane travel is imperative, but often the eastern seaboard of Oz is wonderful traveling by train, have they any particular itinery in mind? Much depends on the time & distance they wish to travel!

Kindest regards Barb &Rob