Subject: Hawaii info
I stayed at the Waikoloa back in 1996 and it was a lot of fun. Its like a giant amusement park on the ocean repleat with a fake water inlet and a monorail transportation system. They had a Dolphin program where one could swim with the Dolphins if one was picked in a lottery ( i was) and was willing to shell out $200 for the privilage ( i was). They have free yoga and more. There are stores everywhere and i recall a very good Mephisto Store right on the premises with good prices. Right outside of the Waikoloa there is a great beach where i found three giant turtles as i swam. Close by there is a wonderful restaurant called Roys . Unfortunately i never saw any other part of the Island but i was with a friend who was working so i was stuck at the hotels! Hope the helps,

Amelia Los Angeles