Subject: Italian Festivals
I read that so many of you are going to be spending time in our adopted land. When you're here, some of the most fun things to do are the local village fairs, festivals and concerts. Year round, there is something going on nearly every week. If you don't want to stop in the local tourist information offices, you'll find posters, etc for most of these events posted in or near the public parking areas in most villages. Nearly every village in our area has their own palio or two starting late spring through October. While the palio in Siena is about as crowded and as difficult to get good seats as the Super Bowl in the USA - and only lasts about 3 minutes, the smaller ones can be even more fun. Near us, Torrita di Siena has donkey races for their palio, Bettolle has pole climbing, Montepulciano has barrel racing, etc. The donkey palio was hilarious last year. One donkey led the entire race by an huge margin, then 2 meters from the finish stopped - just stopped. No matter what they did he refused to cross the finish line and finished last. Just look for the posters as you stop in different towns. After two dozen churches and 10 or so museums, you'll love the local festivals and get to see what life in Italy is really all about. Today is the Festival of S.Antonio in Torrita di Siena. Along with a number of activities, there are going to be booths set up for food tastings from merchants and farmers throughout our area

Bill Sutherland Montefollonico, Italy