Subject: seeking hawaii info

> Thank you, your ideas are great. I am hoping the Bank will perhaps hire
> private guides for us, as hey did on last years trip to several islands of
> the Caribbean. My husband is also thinking of flying over to Kauai (sp?),
> where the hiking is supposed to be fabulous.

My Goodness, Elizabeth, how are you going to cram all this into 1 or 2 days away from the resort? Yes, hiking on Kau'ai is famous. Also for infamous for the number of souls lost in the wilds. The walks are for serious backpackers, not weekend warriors. Much the same can be for hiking on Oahu, Maui (Haleakala) and Hawaii (Moana Loa and Mauna Kea). Why not just take a nice drive down into Waipio Valley for this trip. Plan on spending at least a month on Hawaii to see it all, about 2 weeks for Maui and Oahu and one for Kauai. If you go to Kauai, don't hike: take a tour that will show you the Waimea Canyon (if you do helicopters, which we do not, the experiences they provide we hear unanimously are out of this world. Whatever you do, have a wonderful trip. Marghe and Marty.